Maranke Wieringa (1992) is a Ph.D. Candidate at Utrecht University, and has a background in Cultural Studies and Media Studies, with a specialization in software and data. Her dissertation investigates algorithmic accountability in Dutch municipalities, and, following from this insight, Maranke develops a toolkit to empower municipal data professionals to give testimony of the (decisions around the) algorithm. At Utrecht University, Maranke is part of the Datafied Society research platform, and teaches various courses on (scholarly) data analysis. Her academic interests lie at the intersection of software and data (e.g. tool criticism, algorithm studies).

Prior to starting her Ph.D., Maranke worked as a junior researcher at Utrecht Data School and the Datafied Society. She obtained her rMA in Media Studies (UU) cum laude, and her BA in Cultural Studies (RU) bene meritum. During her BA, Maranke participated in the Radboud Honours Academy, where she executed an individual research project on Adobe Photoshop’s interface.


Maranke Wieringa, MA

Mail: m [.] a [.] wieringa [at] uu.nl