Teaching materials

You are welcome to use, share, and edit these teaching materials, but please do not remove my name and information from the files. If you find the material useful, I would love to hear from you! ­čÖé

Excel tutorial

This tutorial uses dr. Jen Golbeck’s Pet Names dataset. Aside from raising critical awareness about the implications and difficulties of data cleaning, it teaches students to:

  • Import TSV/CSV files;
  • Use Text to Columns;
  • Transpose data;
  • Filter data;
  • Order data;
  • Randomly select data.

Download: DataCleaning_PetNames_Excel_20190806

Tableau tutorial

This tutorial uses a Twitter dataset of tweets mentioning @UtrechtUni and/or @UniUtrecht collected in August 2019. It teaches students how to explore data, clean it further (it never ends, does it?), visualize and annotate. More precisely, it teaches students to:

  • Prepare social media data for visualization;
  • Make bar charts in Tableau;
  • Make line graphs in Tableau;
  • Make a geographical visualization in Tableau;
  • Filter data in Tableau;
  • Creating good titles for your visualization;
  • Create a dashboard;
  • Annotate visualizations in Tableau.

Download: TableauTutorial_20190820